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What Is MetaCrust

MetaCrust is an innovative approach to secure data transmission for low-powered wireless devices.MetaCrust is engineered to offer robust encryption and diverse data-size viability, ensuring that yoursensitive data is protected across any platform. Our embedded solution boasts universal compatibility, tailored features for device-specific needs, and the ability to perform remote installations with ease.

With MetaCrust, energy efficiency is paramount, providing cost-effective operation without sacrificing device performance. We understand the critical nature of uninterrupted data access, especially in the healthcare domain, where real-time data can be lifesaving. Our commitment to regulatory compliance is unwavering, as we navigate the complex landscape of healthcare and IoT standards. Regardless of your operational base or target market, our assurance of compliance is constant and all-encompassing.

Our solutions are custom-fitted for each unique device, providing unparalleled security without compromising its functionality and power. As we move forward, we are committed to innovation and advancing customer care by protecting sensitive users’ data at all nodes involved in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

MetaCrust’s Acknowledgement

MetaCrust acknowledges the pivotal role of our generous supporters and expresses heartfelt thanks for their continuous support.


Leading the optimization of medical wearable where safety meets longvity in the digital age


Our mission is to deliver energy-efficient security solutions that maximize battery life, conserve memory, and ensure uncompromised functionality for every low-powered medical device.

Why Us

While other solutions may primarily focus on providing confidentiality and secure communication, our solution sets itself apart by incorporating energy-efficient and lightweight security measures. With a strong emphasis on ensuring

Multi-Directional End-to-End Security

Implementing robust end-to-end security measures to protect your device from all directions, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of data during storage and transmission.

Low Energy Consumption

Our solutions prioritize minimal energy consumption, extending battery life for medical wearables and IoT devices without compromising security or device performance.

Regulatory Compliance Framework

We ensure our security solutions meet and adapt to evolving regulatory requirements and industry standards, guaranteeing compliance for your devices and business.

Real-Time Threat Assessment & Response

We provide real-time threat detection and response mechanisms, allowing for immediate action against potential security breaches.


Robust Encryption

Implementation of strong and resilient cryptographic and AI algorithms to safeguard sensitive health data transmitted and stored by medical devices, ensuring a high level of protection against unauthorized access and privacy breaches, and prompt incident response.

Diverse Data-Size Viability

The ability of firmware to effectively handle and process varying sizes of data packets/volumes generated by different devices while maintaining efficient performance.

Universal Compatibility

The capacity of firmware and security system to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of hardware components within healthcare devices, ensuring interoperability and efficient communication across various wireless medical devices.

Tailored Features

As per the functionalities and capabilities of your embedded system, the security solution is specifically designed to meet the unique security requirements ensuring a personalized and optimized end-to-end security system.

Compact Memory

We design our solution with careful consideration of storage resources within your embedded system, ensuring optimal functionality and performance while minimizing memory footprint, essential for devices with limited memory capacity and resource constraints.

Energy Efficient

The optimization of firmware as per tested power consumption within your embedded system by implementing strategies to minimize energy usage, extend battery life, and promote sustainable device operation in perfect balance with security properties.

Uninterrupted Data Access

It involves ensuring a reliable and consistent flow of data, minimizing downtime, and supporting real- time access for healthcare applications without disruptions.

Remote Installation

Provided the wireless capability of your medical IOT device, the solution will be remotely deployed and upgraded to fix the patches in the longer run, via Over the-Air (OTA). This feature allows for efficient and convenient software management, ensuring the devices remain up-to-date without requiring physical access, enhancing the overall flexibility and ease of maintenance.


Medical Wearables for Health Vitals
Remote Patient Monitoring
Rehabilitation and Fitness Devices
IOT Devices
Medical Wearables for Health Vitals

Home healthcare devices to remotely monitor and manage patients with conditions such as Cardiac, Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, Elderly Falls, Seizures, etc.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Medical devices used in home healthcare to continuously monitor patients’ health in real-time.

Rehabilitation and Fitness Devices

Rehabilitation and fitness applications that need secure data transmission.

IOT Devices

Other IoT devices require secure and uninterrupted data access in real-time.


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